Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shreveport Winter Wonderland

Our snow day in pictures! We have had the most fun this week playing in the snow. Aside form all the wet clothes piling up in my laundry room, it has been truly magical. And waking up in the morning making a pot of coffee, starting a fire, and watching the snow fall has been the best! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Around here...

Let's start off with Halloween. We had an awesome time and for the first time in a long time I dressed up! I was a witch, a pretty good witch thanks to my mom who helped me put a costume together somewhat last minute. And wouldn't you know that I didn't get ANY pictures! Once you put a costume on two little boys and hand them a bag and say let's go get candy, they are gone. Pictures, ha! Don't think so. I did mange to get one of the boys and one of Luke and I, but you can't tell I'm dressed up. I almost made everyone get back in costume on Saturday just so I could get a family picture. 

Like last year, Jackson was a ninja and Luke was Captain America! 

We also made a stop this year at Asbury's Fall Carnival and like every year we had a blast! They always have tons of fun games to play, a hayride, good food, and music to dance to. 

 We also had a Halloween party with Jackson's boy scout group.

Is that Frankenstein awesome or what?!

I think that about does it for all the Halloween fun. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To be a mom.

Being a mom is hard, like really hard. Some days it takes everything I have not to lock myself in my closet with a package of Oreos and just cry. Is that a little much? Maybe I shouldn't write this while I'm on the verge of closet time. 

Neither one of my boys have had a nap today and are beyond grumpy. That, along with trying to get back on the school schedule which means going to bed an hour earlier and waking up a lot earlier is pushing them over the edge. So now at 5:58 p.m., I am praying they just pass out on the couch so I can have an evening in peace. *UPDATE: youngest is now out - 6:20 p.m.*

I always wonder if I am making the right decisions when it comes to raising my boys. Am I being too strict? Do I yell at them too much? Do I say no too much? Am I losing control? Should I spank them? There are so many people out there with so many opinions. So many people that say oh I will never do that or my child will never do that. Makes you second guess everything you are doing as a parent. You should never (only time you can say this word) compare your children to others. Your children will not be like others and the methods of parenting that work for some might not work for you and your family. And never say never. I have eaten so many of my words as a mother that I have learned not to say that nasty word. I have had people say it to me, that their child will never do that and guess what, they did! 

I know that my boys will test me, and that I will have to test a dozen methods until I find out what works for my family. I think we are on to something now thanks to some help from a wonderful  family friend. The hardest thing to remember, is that it will get worse before it gets better. That consistency is the key, which is hard when you are exhausted and ready to just give in as a parent. It's hard to stick to your guns. 

So for anyone out there that might be thinking that you are not doing a good job or that you are the only one feeling like a bad mom, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It's normal. It's part of the job. There are a million moms out there that feel the same way, I am one of them. 

And I can promise you, that when your baby looks at you and tells you that he loves you and you are the best mom ever, he means it! And he is right! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At this moment

I read this list on a friend’s blog earlier today, loved it and knew I need to do the same. Just another way for me to look back and enjoy all the crazy moments in my life. 

Making: A delicious chocolate sheet cake with buttercream icing. Homemade! On Yeah! 
Cooking: As much as I can on the grill. 
Drinking: Crush Orange Soda, lately I have been craving it something fierce. Crushin' it! 
Reading: Trying to get into Where'd You Go, Bernadette. I'm thinking I might just have to put it down and head to the bookstore. 
Wanting: My hair trimmed and highlighted.
Looking: At pictures on my computer. I really need to print them out and store them in a cute box. 
Playing: Lots of rummy with Grant 
Wasting: Way too much money at Lowes on plants. 
Sewing: Yeah right!
Wishing: I had some cookie dough ice cream! 
Enjoying: The mild evenings we have had lately, we have really been enjoying patio time.  
Waiting: For Grant to get home so we can go eat some Mexican food with the fam! 
Liking: My naturally, wild, out of control curly hair for once. It's only taken me 32 years. 
Wondering: Why every time I kill a dang fly in the house, another one appears!
Loving: That I am able to spend the summer days at home with my boys.
Hoping: I am making the right decisions with parenting.  
Needing: A date night with my main squeeze. 
Smelling: Stinky boys, who have been playing in the dirt outside. 
Wearing: T-shits and running shorts. Everyday! 
Noticing: That I really need to clean the bathrooms, ugh. 
Knowing: In two weeks we are headed to Lillian, Alabama to visit Grant's grandma with family and hitting the beach!
Thinking: What am I going to do with all the fresh tomatoes in my kitchen? Salsa?! 
Feeling: Happy as I listen to Luke sing the Bubble Man song! :) 

Opening: Fresh fig and black pepper goat cheese I bought at the Farmer's Market this weekend.

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

This handsome devil lost his first tooth on Saturday! I asked Jackson to tell me all about it and this is what I got:

I woke up and ate breakfast. I had to go brush my teeth so I could go out on the boat. I was on the last part of brushing my teeth and spit the toothpaste out and the toothpaste ripped it out. It didn't hurt. 

He's so sweet about it, every once in a while he will look over at me and say, "I can't believe I lost my tooth!"

The tooth fairy was really kind to him, she left him three gold coins. ($3 - I'm not getting all crazy and having our tooth fairy leave $20, that will get expensive.) Plus, in the movie Rise of the Guardians, the tooth fairy leaves coins. We got this. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bubble Man

When Grant started teaching Jackson how to take a shower he made up a special song that has stuck around and is now being used by Luke. I am only telling this story because Luke has been walking around for days singing it and it's just too cute not to share. I think it makes bath time 10x more fun. 

Now you have to sing this to the tune of Black Sabbath's Iron Man. 

I am bubble man, beating up the bad guys with my hands. 

They sing that over and over again and sometimes add in some additional lines, but I couldn't get it out of any of them.  

Try it and let me know if your bath time was bumped up to awesome! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Little Time Away

Last week we took our first vacation for the summer. We loaded the boys in the car and headed to Arlington, Texas to meet up with my in-laws to watch the Texas Rangers play a couple games. Instead of checking into a hotel, we stayed in a cabin at Loyd Park on Joel Pool Lake. I am not one to go camping or swimming in water where I can't see the bottom. I prefer a cozy hotel room next to an ocean or an awesome pool, but Grant's parents are all about camping and cabins and being all up in the nature. 

I made the decision after last years camping trip (I say camping, but we stayed at the Lodge and drove down to their campsite everyday) to be more open, come out of my comfort zone in order to enjoy making awesome memories with my family. Plus, the boys love being outdoors, running wild in the woods and most of all being with Grant's parents. 

Now, the cabin was awesome! It was clean, had a kitchen, a shower with hot water, and an amazing view of the lake. Every morning the boys would wake up and run down to jump in! Not to mention is was about 12 miles to the Rangers Stadium, Chuy's, and P.F. Changs!  

I would love to say that Jackson was glued to the game and enjoyed every minute of it, but that was not the case. He had no interest in the game at all. He wanted cotton candy, nachos, hotdogs, and anything out of the gift shop! Also, the Rangers Stadium has a kid zone, and for $10 per child you can come and go as you please until the 6th inning. Yes, that is what Jackson, Luke, and myself did for two days!

All in all we had a blast! We really did enjoy the game, swimming in the lake, shopping at Whole foods (Alison and I are in big trouble when we get one here), and eating at Chuy's! We all stayed up way past our bedtime playing cards and a little Trivial Pursuit.

Next vacation...Lillian, Alabama!